For starters, layer up! It’s gonna be chilly. Even my dog wears a shirt to go outside (and I do not put my dogs in clothes unless necessary). Being prepared is the only way to do it here. If you’re stuck, you’re not going anywhere for a while. That goes for power outages too. If you are here in the winter, bless your soul, and make sure you have plenty of blankets, socks, and snacks before the weather starts! Stock up when you’re off cape or online. Whatever you think you need – get the best version of it.

The snow falls horizontally, there is bone chilling winds, and often power outages that last way too long. This may sound familiar to a lot of people, but on cape cod your resources to getting what you need can be limited. So heres how to deal with it all…

If you are staying by the water make sure to park in a spot where the sun will hit when it comes out. And try to park facing the wind, not perpendicular.

People stink at driving in weather. It could be cold and even a little rainy and everyone is going 15 mph. There are always those people that are zooming by – don’t be that person, but if you’re going too slow people will make sure you know.

Avoid the bridges when it’s really windy and slippery!

Avoid the grocery store last minute if you can. It’s better to go somewhere smaller than a huge grocery store that will be packed.

I don’t have too many tips for this, but lastly don’t be the idiot who tries to go out in the bad weather. I can assure you that everyone will think twice about opening their store or going to work. Call ahead.

I am too young for this…

I am too young for this…

Seriously concerned about this… I am only 22.

So basically over the past couple weeks I have noticed some things that I (probably) have been experiencing for a while, but am just now realizing that they are (probably) not normal. I like to think I am healthy and active, but I am starting to think twice recently.

The first thing I noticed was that if I sit criss crossed (usually while writing in my bullet journal, or drafting a blog post) for longer than 5-10 minutes, it is impossible to get up quickly. My legs are so stiff and to move them is incredibly painful! This is new, really new. Unfortunately, I guess I am realizing I should start stretching more! Maybe drinking more water will help. I woke up the other morning stiff as a board. My back was in so much pain. Since when does this happen to a healthy 22 year old? Not sure, but I feel like a 75 year old man with arthritis. Sorry to all 75 year old men with arthritis. My heart goes out to you.

I always used to make fun of our college alumni who would come back for alumni weekends or to visit, and they could not keep up at the bar. They used to be the ones who set the pace! Especially when they’re sipping their expensive craft beer and chardonnay… Come on, live a little guys! The ones that do join in on the drinking games and whatnot usually are the ones you will not see the next day. This brings me to the second thing I noticed. Hangovers really are a bitch. Now don’t get me wrong this is always true, but now… Its a whole other level of tired, groggy, and dizzy. I do not understand how I used to be able to bounce back and make it to my 8 am chem lab the next morning. Anyway, yeah, I am so sorry to everyone I made fun of for this.

Last thing, I was looking at my bank statement from the past month (yikes) and noticed where my money goes. Car payments, rent, groceries (not even good ones), and health insurance… I guess this time comes for everyone, but I didn’t think it would hit all at once *internal sobs* so when people tell you to not grow up, listen to them. Take advantage and live every moment of being 17 or 20, its not all about that milestone birthday, because with those come great responsibility. Responsibility isn’t a bad thing until you wake up one day and realize you are paying for your own life and you also have to make a living (don’t forget about a retirement plan!). Not easy. Especially while in college or right out of college. I definitely need to crack down on my chipotle habits and follow my “budget.” The word “budget” makes me nervous. I don’t even know how to make a valid budget that will work or that I can even manage to follow. LOL and don’t get me started on taxes. I can teach you about derivatives and integrals or chemical reactions, but I don’t even know where to start with “filing taxes.” I can type over 50 words a minute and explain ocean acidification, but please don’t ask me to tell you what an I9 is or how to fill out your W4.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” -Dr. Seuss