I Tried The Keto Diet And Here Is What Is Happening…

I Tried The Keto Diet And Here Is What Is Happening…

My mom got me to try the keto diet with her. The keto diet is when you do not eat carbs. When your body gets into ketosis, it starts to burn fat if it does not have enough carbs to burn for energy.

My mom started and got excited about something new to try. She went grocery shopping and everything. She told me she would do everything if I just went along with it. Not only did she forget to put snacks for work in my bag like she said she would, but I got grumpy day one from being so hungry and not understanding what I could eat. Mostly nuts for me while I was at work that day.

It did not hit me until after dinner on day two that I was not cut out for this. I was still so hungry. I cheated a little and had some non fat frozen yogurt. The hardest part of it all has been no beer. This is my favorite time of the year, when summer beers come out. Here I am trying to be healthier and I’m just being teased.

After a few days of working a lot and not being able to eat whatever is around to hold me over until dinner, I found myself tired and irritable. I sound like a toddler. Then last night I went and had dinner with my mom (so I wouldn’t give in to my chipotle craving), and dinner was good, but I could have had 3 more portions. Needless to say if you are active and young… keto may not be for you.

I have enjoyed that there is still a lot you can eat, but the apparent outcomes have worried me. Muscle soreness, exhaustion, headaches, and more… I am too young and busy to be dealing with that… Peak season at work is about to hit (in a matter of days) and that is not a time to be tired and getting headaches.

Overall, I think I will submit to my chipotle cravings today and wait a few months to try again. I definitely have been more aware of the carbs I normally would have had, but I think there can be a healthy combination that way my body wont go completely into ketosis. I am also not trying to lose weight or change myself. It was a good try though and I support anyone and everyone who can follow these rules for dieting, it takes determination!

If you want to try – let me know your tips and tricks!


For Me. For You. For Us.

For Me. For You. For Us.

I wonder what it is like to feel like all those amazing looking people on Pinterest. They always seem to be so happy and perfect. I know that everyone has their own problems, but what would it feel like to be that girl in that picture, in that moment? To have the most perfect skin, body, outfit (prom dress, etc.), hair, and what seems to be as if they have everything put together perfectly. I feel bad for making assumptions about whoever they are, but there is a small chance that they truly are perfectly happy.

That is what I want to feel. It is absolutely insane that people cannot feel that way. To not be happy with what you have or how you look. The whole love your body movement right now makes me feel even worse about my insecurities. What is even worse, I had convinced myself that I would change these aspects of my body to make me happier.

Why on earth would that be the answer. Why should happiness be based off the way you feel when you look in the mirror? Instead, when looking in the mirror we should be grateful to even be able to do this. We were given a chance to live.

when life gives you lemons right…?

So why should people be able to dictate how you feel and the choices you make? Why is there a norm, or a standard to follow? I want to be able to be comfortable with the choices and decisions I have made for myself and not feel like I should have gone with what everyone else was doing. I want to make the most of where I am in my life and where I am going. Why should anyone feel differently.

You are the most important person in your life. Make that person happy.

If you don’t like what you are doing, stop and think about why you are doing it and if you should really be there. If you do not want to be in school, or at a job that does not make you happy every day, then DON’T. Odds are you will make the right decisions in the end. It will not be easy, but if you were happy you would feel that things in your life are 10x better than they were. I regret none of the choices I have made about my life changes, but I feel like I cannot be happy about them if other people are constantly telling me to do what they think I should be doing, or what other people do. I try not to listen to these people, but it leaves me wondering what it would be like if these standards/expectations did not exist.

Taking the time to stop and smell the roses will make you appreciate what IS not what COULD BE or SHOULD BE. Enjoy the little things…

Simply because all you can do is your best.

Don’t forget to admire the beauty in every day.


For starters, layer up! It’s gonna be chilly. Even my dog wears a shirt to go outside (and I do not put my dogs in clothes unless necessary). Being prepared is the only way to do it here. If you’re stuck, you’re not going anywhere for a while. That goes for power outages too. If you are here in the winter, bless your soul, and make sure you have plenty of blankets, socks, and snacks before the weather starts! Stock up when you’re off cape or online. Whatever you think you need – get the best version of it.

The snow falls horizontally, there is bone chilling winds, and often power outages that last way too long. This may sound familiar to a lot of people, but on cape cod your resources to getting what you need can be limited. So heres how to deal with it all…

If you are staying by the water make sure to park in a spot where the sun will hit when it comes out. And try to park facing the wind, not perpendicular.

People stink at driving in weather. It could be cold and even a little rainy and everyone is going 15 mph. There are always those people that are zooming by – don’t be that person, but if you’re going too slow people will make sure you know.

Avoid the bridges when it’s really windy and slippery!

Avoid the grocery store last minute if you can. It’s better to go somewhere smaller than a huge grocery store that will be packed.

I don’t have too many tips for this, but lastly don’t be the idiot who tries to go out in the bad weather. I can assure you that everyone will think twice about opening their store or going to work. Call ahead.

Want to Start Working Out (again)?

Want to Start Working Out (again)?

Getting to the gym is always a challenge, and even if you can get there you are presented with challenges. I have had to go through the process of getting back into the gym to start training many times. Although training is a little more challenging than going to stay fit, they share the same problems.

If you lack motivation I suggest going early in the morning whenever you wake up. Right away. Don’t make going to the gym an option, make it a necessity. If you go in the morning, you have less time to think about it. This is crucial because if you think about it you probably will not end up going. Also you can make time in the morning, sometimes later in the day other things come up and you may not get to it. Going to workout in the morning is also how I became a morning person… Wild concept, I know!

Make sure you have a healthy snack before going to the gym!!! If you workout on an empty stomach you will not be getting the complete results you want! To build muscle, burn fat, and build up your stamina you need to eat before working out. I do not mean a gatorade (never gatorade). I stash granola bars in my car so I am always ready whenever I have the time.

Another way to boost motivation is to find a workout buddy! This should not be someone you are self conscious around, but your best pal will work. They should not be afraid to push you or tell you to get lower with your pushups. If you don’t have a buddy to go with, then make a fire playlist that makes you want to move! There is a playlist on spotify called gameday – it is fire. Stick those headphones in and get movin!


*Workout clothes, shoes, and gear that you love will also make it easier to get to the gym! You will want to get dressed and it will make it effortless to get dressed when you are half asleep!*

Now that you are at the gym, STRETCH! DO NOT skip this. EVER. Stretching everyday will help your body move and be less tense. You should stretch after too. Make it a part of your warmup and cool down. Warmups should be no longer than 15 min of light cardio, stretching to get your body moving. Cool down should be a little longer and also include some lighter activities and stretching to get your heart rate back down and to loosen up your muscles and joints so they don’t tense up later.

If you are just getting back into the gym, take it easy. This doesn’t mean to not push yourself, it means don’t go crazy from the start. Pushing yourself should be adding minutes to your cardio, or adding reps to your sets. If you push yourself too hard with too much weight or too fast a run, you will probably hurt yourself or feel the pain later (not a good pain).

My trick to getting back into the gym (every time I do it) is to set reachable goals and keep track of what you do. Your goals can include (but not limited to):

  • Times at the gym per week
  • How long you are at the gym (>50 min)
  • How long/far you run, bike, climb, etc.
  • How many reps and sets of your circuits
  • How much water you drink during the day (crucial)

Reachable goals and keeping track of these things, make it easier to increase your work every week and maintain consistency. If you run one mile one day, then the next day you run try adding half a mile (or start slow with a quarter). If you start with 3 sets of 10 reps maybe bump it up to 3 sets of 12 or 15 reps. High reps with lower weights will help you get started and get your body back into shape to be able to train again.

I usually add cardio every day I am in the gym, even if it is just for a warmup. I either bike or run. Keeping track of time and distance will help you mark your progress which can be extremely satisfying. I also work on my core everyday, and add either arms or legs. I am going to give you a general list of things I do when getting back into the gym. Alter as you wish, but it is definitely a good baseline.

  • Stretch
  • 0.75 mile warmup (run) or 3.0 mile warmup (bike)
  • Stretch
  • Abs/core: (2-3 reps, second rep you can decrease by 10 on the crunches if needed *if you dont want abs* 😉 )
    • 30 crunches each side and middle
    • 30 bicycle crunches
    • 45 russian twists (later add med ball when feeling this is too easy) make sure opposite arm touches the ground
    • 25 toes touch up
    • 30 seconds of flutter kicks
    • 30 seconds of 6 inches (hold feet 6 inches off ground)
    • 45-60 second plank
    • 30 butt raises
    • 30 leg lifts on each side
    • 30 side leg lifts on each side
    • 100 calf raises
    • 15 squats
    • 10-30 pushups (day 1 start at 10, add 5 every day, keep adding)
  • Legs and booty: (2-3 reps)
    • 20 squats
    • 20 lunges (on each side) – 15 second rep
    • 50 calf raises
    • 50-60 second wall sit
    • 100 jumping jacks (50 second rep)
    • 50 second wall sit
    • 20 sumo squats
    • 30 calf raises (with weight)
    • 20 squats
  • Every day: add 5 every other day
    • 15 pushups
    • 15 sit ups
  • Arms – to be honest I do a lot of variations with arms so I don’t have a set circuit I do yet. I do like to try to add some pull ups when I can (this is extremely difficult to start doing especially as a female, but it can be done)

This all may seem like a lot, but I promise you, it will get you going and get you back in there to beat your personal goals! *thank me later* And remember, all you can do is your best!

The Best Way To Complete Your Winter Outfits

The Best Way To Complete Your Winter Outfits

The falling snow has me in leggings, and a fleece quarter zip which I am completely okay with until it is time to be social…

Although it is totally okay to leave the house in your cozy clothes, there are some situations where you may just find yourself staring at your closet, lost. This does happen to me often, but luckily I have a good base of inspiration! This is what I am going to share with you, to cherish and make your own 🙂

The biggest thing I struggle with is wanting to be comfortable, but also ready for anything. Yes, you can easily throw on some leggings and boots with a big cozy sweater, but that gets old sometimes. Especially right about now, when its March, but snow is falling heavily to our cold feet. Are you ready for some ways to jazz it up a bit?

You can ALWAYS rely on a good earring to make the outfit perfect and fun. A bright pop of color or a little sparkle is for sure going to make you smile every time you catch a glimpse of your reflection. “Fun” pieces aren’t always meant for parties and events with the girls. I believe in throwing on a cute hoop or a colorful stud to prepare me for anything the day might throw at me. From work to dinner or drinks, you will not have to worry about going home to change, then staring at your closet some more.

Some of my favorites to keep with me are the Lilly Pulitzer Stardust hoop earring (all time favorite), the Lilly Pulitzer Sunkissed hoop earring, or the Lilly Pulitzer Waterside earring (plus Lilly Pulitzer jewelry comes with a cute little pouch to put them in for safe keeping). The Oversized Orchid earring (which look a lot heavier than they are) is also a fun way to put a warmer season feeling on your look, even if its sub zero temperatures.

Nothing screams winter cozy without a blanket scarf, but my go to this winter is the Folie Cashmere Wrap in bennet blue for warmth and a pop of color. This can be used as scarf or a wrap! Do not get me wrong, I love me my Pink Pineapple flannel blanket scarf more than a lot of things, but when going from business to casual and you’re wearing a jacket, the wrap is too easy!

Back to that flannel blanket scarf (mine is in blue and green), this is definitely a must have for those bone chilling days. Top it off with a fur pom pom hat from ccbeanie and you’re ready for the trip outside!! Also WICKED cute when they match!

I like to keep my toes cozy in my bean boots with comfy warm socks. My favorite are World’s Softest, which I find at the Paper Store. They come in different colors, patterns, and heights (from ankle socks to boot socks). They feel like you are walking on clouds 🙂

Lastly, BAGS! I am definitely a bag girl. Anything from my black Tory Burch nylon tote to Vineyard Vines canvas tote, or even my gold Lilly Pulitzer La La tote! All of which are perfect for whatever you need. The gold tote is a go to for any season because its BIG and can carry everything I need PLUS some! Winter also has me reaching for the dark colors to not overwhelm a casual outfit (also the nylon tote is waterproof, safe for days with bad weather). Nothing is wrong with a bag charm or scarf around the strap, and a colorful one adds so much character!

How to Start and Maintain a Bullet Journal

How to Start and Maintain a Bullet Journal

Especially if you are NOT artistic…

At All…

Really, not artistic even in the slightest

Get ready for some fun and some really laughable moments! You probably are going to think that your pages will look Pinterest worthy, and if you’re anything like me… they won’t. At all. So in this post I am going to tell you (and show you) how to stick with it! I have and I truly think it has made a difference in my self esteem and being aware of things that are bothering me that I may not have noticed. It also has taught me to see things differently and in a more positive way! I love that!

For starters, you will need to either log into amazon or pop into staples. For this to truly be rewarding I suggest staples (or wherever you get your art supplies). Go browse around and find some fun deals and tools that will motivate you! Here is the list of things I got and knew I needed:

  • Journal – specifically one that would fit in my bag! Also if you are doing more drawing than writing DO NOT get ruled lines or blank. I suggest the dotted ones unless you want some graph paper. Also make sure it will hold up in your bag! Hard cover is always great! Moleskine has a hidden folder in the back and has worked great for me!
  • Washi tape!! – this is the best way to jazz up your bullet journal and add some color, but also to make it easier to find pages. I also tape some polaroids in mine when needed. Its great stuff and comes in all different colors and patterns! Who doesn’t love that?!
  • Sticky tabs – so you can divide months, weeks, days, years, or mark special pages you want to go back to. Whatever your heart desires. Yes these can be cute (mine are polka dots) and removable!
  • Highlighters – grab your fav assorted color highlighters!
  • Pens – colorful assorted pens please! Maybe one or two normal ones
  • Pencil – one pencil (I’m sure you have one around the house somewhere, just make sure theres a good eraser – you’re going to need it)
  • Markers – HIGHLY recommend Tombow dual tip (truly amazing and totally will step up your game)
  • Whiteout tape – for those pesky mistakes (I use it all the time) so do not pass up on this, you will want it
  • Index cards – this seems dumb, but I use them for bookmarks, rulers, and a pop of color! They also make great to do lists on your book mark
  • Binder clips – attach, bind, divide, etc.
  • Scissors – yes throw some of those in for trimming whatever you want to add in (pictures, clips)

Excessive. I know. Now how to get started… Either go at it and just start to get a feel for whatever you want to add and what you need in there. OR get some motivation from Pinterest. There are great examples of how other people set theirs up and how amazing it looks! Mine, not so much, but this helped me find the things I did want to put in there. Spending page, hydration tracker, sleep tracker, morning and night routine, songs I love, Netflix list, what makes me happy, things I want to try, and my goals for the month! There is so much more to add and it is so fun to find the right fit!

Make time every day to sit down with your bullet journal. 5-10 minutes minimum. It will end up being a lot longer than this if you take it seriously. If you make it part of your routine, it will feel natural and easier to commit to. It is your place to create something meaningful to YOU! I was worried about writing things down that were emotional or anything I didn’t want people to see, but I knew that people didn’t have to see those pages if I didn’t want them to, and it is also a great way to write down what is bothering you or something you need to get off your chest. Then its there to either move on from or go back to at an appropriate time when you’re ready.


Pastel and polka dot monthly tabs 🙂


My to do list makes me smile and is hard to miss (even when thrown in my bag)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

New month, new pages! Basic here, but it gets the job done (and pink is my favorite color)

I like to number my pages to see how far I get in a month, or even a week.

A variety of colors and patterns, but also positive pages and even quotes will make a difference in your outlook. I am constantly thinking of new ways to make something basic or easy. Positive and motivating quotes are not just helpful, but as you are flipping through on another day and you come to one that may have pushed you out of your comfort zone or calmed you down during a hard time, this is a good reminder of the ups and downs. It truly does get better. If you had asked me about two months ago if things would get better I would have laughed in your face. I was going through a lot (which I still am), but putting energy into something that was all mine and that I created, made me see the good and bad. Soon enough 95% of my pages turned positive, instead of dwelling in the past. My outlook has evolved into something that has made me stronger, and to look for the good in every moment, not just getting caught up in the anger or hurt.

This is your life, do what YOU want. Live how YOU want to live. Do NOT let people dictate your future for you. Definitely do NOT get caught up in the past, you’re not going backwards. Time is constantly moving forward and it is YOUR turn to run with it (so long as you stop every once in a while to feel the sun on your cheeks and toes in the sand) 🙂

don’t stand in the current, ride the wave

Live without?

Live without?

Most definitely not.

For your convenience, I am going to share with you some things that I would rather not live without. I LOVE finding new products and pieces that I will forever have with me or in my possession, so with that – if I am missing something AMAZING – please comment below 😉

Disclaimer: My list was super long so I am going to do this post with only a few and I’ll post more later… (And no I don’t get money if you click on a link – thats how you know its true love)


My beloved boots (that are well worn in). I have had them for 6 years now!

Laces tied in barrel knots. http://kimsboatshoes.com/best-way-to-keep-boat-shoe-laces-tied/


Ray-ban aviators with blue mirror lenses. They just happen to look pretty cool with some filters and they block those pesky haters 😉

Find Your Perfect Nightly Routine

Find Your Perfect Nightly Routine

I always had a hard time getting to bed. Either on time or completing everything I wanted to do before bed. Finally, after months of not having a good sleep schedule and not being able to sleep through the night (I sound like a newborn), I decided to listen to all those studies about “blue light” and “winding down before bed.”

I followed a strict nightly routine for a few days, which included (not limited to) the following:

  • Not being in bed when I wasn’t going to be sleeping
  • Turning off computer/ tv half an hour before bed (as for my phone… just turned that non night shift. Lets be honest, I wasn’t going to turn it off)
  • Not getting ready for bed until 8 hours until I have to wake up (this was difficult, I like to sleep more than that. A lot more than that)
  • Setting an alarm for when I had to get up (also, making sure each day this time was consistent)
  • Brushing my teeth, putting clothes away, etc.
  • Finally, time to get into bed

Doesn’t seem like a lot, right? HAHA. Wrong. When you try to do this and put these steps into motion for multiple nights you start to realize how much (or little) you were doing before. I could never settle my thoughts and calm down enough to sleep unless it was LATE. Following the strict 8 hour rule, I would get into bed and wait to fall asleep… Not looking at my phone, but also checking the time every few minutes worried I was losing precious sleep time. On the third night of this strict schedule, I realized it was not working. I was tired in the morning and still had a hard time falling asleep. I took to Pinterest to find good ways to fall asleep. It was that night that my troubles would be eased. I found a FREE app that would make me sleep like a baby.


I had fun going through all the sounds and laughing at the ones that were just gonna make me either have to pee all night or make me kinda scared. I settled on Cascade. The perfect level of running water. I also like Rain Rain 3D which is the perfect background storm sounds. I would set a sleep timer and I was out like a light. I woke up the next morning so excited to be well rested and awake! I’m not saying this app puts you to sleep but listening to it helped soothe my thoughts and everything I was thinking about, worried about, or drifting to. It took about 10 minutes to fall asleep instead of 30. The next night I said screw it to my routine of strict timing and just using the app. I slept all night, for 10 hours.

I cannot explain the difference it has made overall for my levels of alertness during the day. I am sure most people know the value of a good sleep, but I didn’t until I was able to knock out for a whole night.

There is nothing wrong with a sleep schedule, but for people who are too busy or too tired to follow it every night, things like this app can really make a difference. Also the different sounds are comical. I might just have to play the waterfall while my brother is sleeping and see what happens… (I’ll keep you posted on that one later)