For starters, layer up! It’s gonna be chilly. Even my dog wears a shirt to go outside (and I do not put my dogs in clothes unless necessary). Being prepared is the only way to do it here. If you’re stuck, you’re not going anywhere for a while. That goes for power outages too. If you are here in the winter, bless your soul, and make sure you have plenty of blankets, socks, and snacks before the weather starts! Stock up when you’re off cape or online. Whatever you think you need – get the best version of it.

The snow falls horizontally, there is bone chilling winds, and often power outages that last way too long. This may sound familiar to a lot of people, but on cape cod your resources to getting what you need can be limited. So heres how to deal with it all…

If you are staying by the water make sure to park in a spot where the sun will hit when it comes out. And try to park facing the wind, not perpendicular.

People stink at driving in weather. It could be cold and even a little rainy and everyone is going 15 mph. There are always those people that are zooming by – don’t be that person, but if you’re going too slow people will make sure you know.

Avoid the bridges when it’s really windy and slippery!

Avoid the grocery store last minute if you can. It’s better to go somewhere smaller than a huge grocery store that will be packed.

I don’t have too many tips for this, but lastly don’t be the idiot who tries to go out in the bad weather. I can assure you that everyone will think twice about opening their store or going to work. Call ahead.

The Beginning of a NEW Chapter

The Beginning of a NEW Chapter

I’d like to start by saying thank YOU for joining me in the start of something different. I am new to this, so we will learn together!

A little about me: I was raised in Boston, MA (the best city aka title town), but my heart has always been on Cape Cod. That is where I spent my summers. My childhood was filled with sun rays and beach days! I could not be more thankful for this. I got to learn and experience a lot of different and unique opportunities! Most importantly, I was drawn to the sea. My mom called me a fish. She could not get me out of the water! I loved swimming, sailing, and just about anything that had to do with being in or on the water.

My love for the ocean brought me to studying marine biology and environmental science at my dream school. Could I get anymore lucky?? I didn’t think so. Somewhere along the way of fighting my way through the numerous math and science classes, I lost my motivation. This was new to me, it took a long time for me to realize that I was not as dedicated as I had been. My life up until this point was school and sports (pretty much like every other 20 year old I thought). It wasn’t until my anxiety caught up to me that I realized I was in too deep. I had spent my entire high school career focusing on school and lacrosse that when I got injured my senior year (and couldn’t play my first year of college) I didn’t know what I would do. I dove into what I knew, school. This worked for a while, until I realized it wasn’t making me happy.

Happiness for me was being involved with the ocean – whatever it may be. I resorted to my roots. Sailing. Luckily I had the opportunity to do this at school. It wasn’t until my junior year that I realized I spent most my time focused on being an athlete or being healthy rather than staying genuinely focused on my school work. This showed. I decided that as hard as it would be, I had to give something up – sailing. Unfortunately, this did not do as much as I thought it would. I continued slipping behind in school.

It wasn’t until past half way through that year that I knew something terrible had happened. I lost who I was. Thats when I made (probably) the best and hardest decision of my life… Leaving school, moving home, and working full time at (what is and had been) the best job ever. The drive home from school felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders, and I couldn’t help but smile. New chapter in my favorite place ever. Cape Cod Massachusetts.

Panorama of Barnstable Harbor
Barnstable Harbor – July 2018

“Anything is possible with a little sunshine and pink” – Lilly Pulitzer