I’m Back…

I’m Back…

I have been feeling so bad about avoiding writing on here for so long. When life gets stressful I avoid all of it… OOPS. I am bringing myself to begin again because I do know that other people have and will experience what I have.

I have spent the past 5-10 years beating myself up about not being good enough at anything. I have been told so many times that I can do better (unfortunately). I heard it so often that I started to believe it.

Here I am now, 23, and realizing I am not only good enough, but I have no reason to be stressed out about my future. It has taken a lot of mindfulness to get me to realize that I have more life to live that I want to be present for. Being caught in the past has kept me in a negative mindset, but the past few weeks I have been seeing things differently. No major changes in my life, but I am starting to value it a lot more.

I am still growing and learning to become the best I can be, but to do that I have to be the true ME.

It sounds so dumb and cliche, but my next posts I will be focusing more on how I got to this point! For starters, I am pushing myself to blog and be mindful of these positive changes! Its a new decade folks!

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