I Tried The Keto Diet And Here Is What Is Happening…

I Tried The Keto Diet And Here Is What Is Happening…

My mom got me to try the keto diet with her. The keto diet is when you do not eat carbs. When your body gets into ketosis, it starts to burn fat if it does not have enough carbs to burn for energy.

My mom started and got excited about something new to try. She went grocery shopping and everything. She told me she would do everything if I just went along with it. Not only did she forget to put snacks for work in my bag like she said she would, but I got grumpy day one from being so hungry and not understanding what I could eat. Mostly nuts for me while I was at work that day.

It did not hit me until after dinner on day two that I was not cut out for this. I was still so hungry. I cheated a little and had some non fat frozen yogurt. The hardest part of it all has been no beer. This is my favorite time of the year, when summer beers come out. Here I am trying to be healthier and I’m just being teased.

After a few days of working a lot and not being able to eat whatever is around to hold me over until dinner, I found myself tired and irritable. I sound like a toddler. Then last night I went and had dinner with my mom (so I wouldn’t give in to my chipotle craving), and dinner was good, but I could have had 3 more portions. Needless to say if you are active and young… keto may not be for you.

I have enjoyed that there is still a lot you can eat, but the apparent outcomes have worried me. Muscle soreness, exhaustion, headaches, and more… I am too young and busy to be dealing with that… Peak season at work is about to hit (in a matter of days) and that is not a time to be tired and getting headaches.

Overall, I think I will submit to my chipotle cravings today and wait a few months to try again. I definitely have been more aware of the carbs I normally would have had, but I think there can be a healthy combination that way my body wont go completely into ketosis. I am also not trying to lose weight or change myself. It was a good try though and I support anyone and everyone who can follow these rules for dieting, it takes determination!

If you want to try – let me know your tips and tricks!


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