The Best Way To Complete Your Winter Outfits

The Best Way To Complete Your Winter Outfits

The falling snow has me in leggings, and a fleece quarter zip which I am completely okay with until it is time to be social…

Although it is totally okay to leave the house in your cozy clothes, there are some situations where you may just find yourself staring at your closet, lost. This does happen to me often, but luckily I have a good base of inspiration! This is what I am going to share with you, to cherish and make your own 🙂

The biggest thing I struggle with is wanting to be comfortable, but also ready for anything. Yes, you can easily throw on some leggings and boots with a big cozy sweater, but that gets old sometimes. Especially right about now, when its March, but snow is falling heavily to our cold feet. Are you ready for some ways to jazz it up a bit?

You can ALWAYS rely on a good earring to make the outfit perfect and fun. A bright pop of color or a little sparkle is for sure going to make you smile every time you catch a glimpse of your reflection. “Fun” pieces aren’t always meant for parties and events with the girls. I believe in throwing on a cute hoop or a colorful stud to prepare me for anything the day might throw at me. From work to dinner or drinks, you will not have to worry about going home to change, then staring at your closet some more.

Some of my favorites to keep with me are the Lilly Pulitzer Stardust hoop earring (all time favorite), the Lilly Pulitzer Sunkissed hoop earring, or the Lilly Pulitzer Waterside earring (plus Lilly Pulitzer jewelry comes with a cute little pouch to put them in for safe keeping). The Oversized Orchid earring (which look a lot heavier than they are) is also a fun way to put a warmer season feeling on your look, even if its sub zero temperatures.

Nothing screams winter cozy without a blanket scarf, but my go to this winter is the Folie Cashmere Wrap in bennet blue for warmth and a pop of color. This can be used as scarf or a wrap! Do not get me wrong, I love me my Pink Pineapple flannel blanket scarf more than a lot of things, but when going from business to casual and you’re wearing a jacket, the wrap is too easy!

Back to that flannel blanket scarf (mine is in blue and green), this is definitely a must have for those bone chilling days. Top it off with a fur pom pom hat from ccbeanie and you’re ready for the trip outside!! Also WICKED cute when they match!

I like to keep my toes cozy in my bean boots with comfy warm socks. My favorite are World’s Softest, which I find at the Paper Store. They come in different colors, patterns, and heights (from ankle socks to boot socks). They feel like you are walking on clouds 🙂

Lastly, BAGS! I am definitely a bag girl. Anything from my black Tory Burch nylon tote to Vineyard Vines canvas tote, or even my gold Lilly Pulitzer La La tote! All of which are perfect for whatever you need. The gold tote is a go to for any season because its BIG and can carry everything I need PLUS some! Winter also has me reaching for the dark colors to not overwhelm a casual outfit (also the nylon tote is waterproof, safe for days with bad weather). Nothing is wrong with a bag charm or scarf around the strap, and a colorful one adds so much character!

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